Friday, June 26, 2015

And So It Begins....

From the Office of the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott

“The Supreme Court has abandoned its role as an impartial judicial arbiter and has become an unelected nine-member legislature. Five Justices on the Supreme Court have imposed on the entire country their personal views on an issue that the Constitution and the Court’s previous decisions reserve to the people of the States.
“Despite the Supreme Court’s rulings, Texans’ fundamental right to religious liberty remains protected. No Texan is required by the Supreme Court’s decision to act contrary to his or her religious beliefs regarding marriage.
“The Texas Constitution guarantees that ‘[n]o human authority ought, in any case whatsoever, to control or interfere with the rights of conscience in matters of religion.’ The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution guarantees the free exercise of religion; and the Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act, combined with the newly enacted Pastor Protection Act, provide robust legal protections to Texans whose faith commands them to adhere to the traditional understanding of marriage.
“As I have done in the past, I will continue to defend the religious liberties of all Texans—including those whose conscience dictates that marriage is only the union of one man and one woman. Later today, I will be issuing a directive to state agencies instructing them to prioritize the protection of Texans’ religious liberties.”

This is what happens when government inserts its cold dead hand into an issue it has no business being involved in

Let me say it again for the record. The State, be they the Feds or the local yokels, should not be involved in deciding who will marry whom. The State should not license marriage. There should be no tax penalties or deductions for married people or their children.

Marriage is none of the State's business.

Furthermore, what came down today from SCOTUS is appalling. I was expecting a 6 to 3, but Roberts tricked me on this one. Even so, the narrow vote and the commentary by the minority on the court makes it clear that deep division on this issue which should be a non-issue, will continue.

The reliance by the majority on the 14th amendment was pathetic. The history and intent of the 14th amendment does not support the issue of marriage in any context. It's as if the constitution was a manipulable Word document on their tablets. There is also many questions about whether the 14th amendment was ever properly ratified since it was forced on the southern states during reconstruction after the civil war.

Freedom of association people! That's what it should be about. If you do not wish to associate with someone on the basis of ANYTHING you should not have to! It's real easy. But no...

So now here we are. Texas is pulling out the stops. I have no doubt that more states will follow. The ugliness is not over. It's only beginning. And it's all because the State thinks they have to be in everyone's business.

This is not going to end well. Mark my words.

UPDATE: I would also like to add that since SCOTUS has legislated from the bench on issues that it should not be concerned with, I must support the actions of Governor Abbott in Texas. We must not  have rule by minority in this country and we must not override freedoms of association, speech and religion simply to resolve what should be a cultural issue.

And from a Christian perspective, I can tell you that if there is an attempt by any state to force local churches to tolerate same sex marriage, there will be more than just protests. There will be rebellion.
As I said. This is not going to end well.  

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