Monday, June 8, 2015

A Prayer

Lord, I sense your presence today. I know you are always here, but for some reason, I am noticing it today. I was thinking about the immensity of the universe You created yesterday during outdoor worship. The size of it is incredible and even with all the "outer space", there is still no place I could hide from You, not that I would like to.

There is no god like You.

I also find myself wondering why you care about us. We are insignificant dots of DNA and spirit spread across a small blue ball that orbits a minor yellow star in an outer spiral arm of the Milky Way galaxy in a universe full of galaxies. And yet you see to our needs here and tend to all those other places at the same time. Who are You that You should be mindful of me?

One might think that I would know You much better now than I did all those years ago when I came to be, but I still feel we are just getting started with each other. You also have the upper hand (as always). You knew me before I was born. You know how I will end here and what my eternal life will be like. I know You from scripture. I "feel" I know You from my personal spiritual experiences, but there is still something missing. It's probably what Your servant, Paul meant by seeing dimly and then knowing face to face. That will be the Day huh Lord?!? Then I will know You as never before.

Your purpose intrigues me mostly because it is beyond me. Even so, I am glad to be in this relationship.

Thanks so much for the love and the grace. Thanks for providing a way to You that makes the trip easier. Thank You Jesus for doing the work to make that possible. I'm sensing the time is close. We will be meeting each other before long and it will be glorious for me to know you both face to face. Please just allow me to finish my sojourn here completely. There are still things for me to do I think. I have to get Dad home to You and that will require that I stay awhile. If You have other plans, then so be it, but please find another to help Dad home if that is to be the case. His mind is afflicted with a terrible disease. I cannot bear that he should have to endure it alone.

Please reach out your hand to my friend Nina this week. Guide her medical care. Bring her healing from her cancer and raise her up to finish her work here with Phil, her children and her grandchildren. Help her to sense your presence Lord and to know You are there, that You are God.

Lord please also bless my church,Your Church at Rising Sun, Iowa. I believe we also have work remaining. You have preserved us for over 150 years. I cannot help but think You have some purpose in that beyond just another light in our community. Please place Your hand on our leadership and staff and show them where you want to take us. Bend our will if necessary. Fan our faith to fire. Invigorate the saints with your Spirit and show us your power. Teach us to use that power as you intended.

As always, please watch over my Dad today. I do not always have a bead on his activities. Please keep him upright. Please heal his knee. And thanks for helping me with him. He is turning my gray hair white. I guess he is returning the favor.

I am not at work Lord, but please watch over them in my absence. Keep the peace for me if you will. They can yell at me when I get back. I probably need to retire.

Lord, I love you. Please show us all the way home.

In Jesus' name...    

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