Friday, April 24, 2015

Oh Bruce, We Hardly Knew Ye..

From The Daily Caller

"After months of speculation that he was transitioning into a woman, Bruce Jenner confirmed the news in an interview with Diane Sawyer that aired on ABC Friday night, clarifying that he is also a Republican and a Christian."


Nothing is set in stone. Not even one's gender apparently. I know they've been doing gender reassignment surgery since the 70's at least, but there is something special about this one. It's more annoying, particularly for men that idolized Miss Jenner when they were teens. Nothing is safe. Not even testosterone.

She says she's a woman now. Really? Is that all it takes for a man to become a woman? Take some hormones. Grow some head hair. Grow some breasts. Have some electrolysis. Find the right doctor to lop off your 3 piece set. Poof you're a woman?

I don't think so. Women are born, not made.

Eunuchs, on the other hand, are made. I think that's what Ms Jenner really is. A eunuch.

Women have ovaries, a uterus and a vagina among other anatomical items. Bruce, you will never have these organs.

A woman can reproduce human beings. They can make breast milk. All Bruce can do is feel pretty and feminine.

He has mutilated his body so he can feel better about himself.

I do not understand and really...well never mind.

Bruce, you will never be a woman. And now you will never again be a man either. I feel badly for you. I do not think you will be happy. It remains to be seen.

I a female, will he be a lesbian or a heterosexual? There are so many issues. You could make a TV show out of it...oh wait...he is.    

My very favorite part though is that she claims to be a Republican. Now there's some justice. I wonder if he supports Ted Cruz. That would be sweet. I can hear it now..."Get your Tranny on with Republican in 2016"

I am so funny...

As for the Christian part...well, God's grace goes a long way. Jesus Christ will be his/her judge; not me. I wish him/her the best on judgement day. There are worse things. You could be a genocidal maniac like Hitler and Obama and the Bushs.

Ms Jenner should probably steer clear of the Muslims though...they would probably do something nasty to him/her.

What was that song that the Kinks did back in the 70's? Lola?

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