Saturday, April 18, 2015

I've Been Away

 Sorry. Things were all backed up at work. I had to get employee evaluations ready. Had to get the taxes in by the 15th. The grounds keepers showed up this week. It's like it's spring or something. Anyway, I will try to make up for lost time over the weekend and into Monday. Stormy skies moving in. Probably won't spend much time outside today.

Also, it's Dad's birthday. He is 79 today. Doesn't look a day over 85....(;^)))) He got a new coffee maker for his present. I grew tired of his old one leaking all over the counter.
I think I am going to get a drone...with a camera. I have wanted one for awhile. If nothing else, I can tease the dog with it. Should be fun out in the yard. For some reason I keep thinking about flying it around in the auditorium at church ...during a service...without permission. The fact that I think about doing things like that without permission says much about my character and why I need to attend church regularly. Sometimes it's easier to seek forgiveness than it is to seek permission. My standard MO. Grace is a wonderful thing. 

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