Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Prayer

Lord, sometimes my concentration is not the best. My mind wanders. So I write.

I do want to be sure and thank you for the important things - things that make the rest of life possible. Thanks Lord for food, clothing and shelter - the necessities. Having those things available makes other things easier.

Thanks for the time I've had with the parents and the grandparents in the past years. Thanks for putting the grace in their heart to welcome me back after my time away.

And thank you Lord for welcoming me back into your family. Thanks for your patience, kindness, forgiveness and compassion. You give me hope. I know I tend to sit back in the corner and watch. It may be better that way for both of us. :^))

Thanks for church, work and Sunday school. Those things are the best part of my week.

Lord, please forgive me when I fail you. I know sometimes I don't even see it. Please help me to see it so someone does not have to tell me about it. Sometimes I just look right through people like they are not even there. I know it's not right. Please give me the strength and the desire Lord to just smile and say 'Hi'. Help me to see with your eyes instead of the eyes of my cold, hard heart. You showed me mercy and grace. Help me to return the favor with others.

Please take care of my Dad today while I am absent. Help him to focus, to think, to pay attention and to remember. Keep him safe and do not let him hurt himself in some way. Give him the where with all to call me if he is in need.

Please bring healing to my friend Nina. I have known her and Phil for a good portion of my life. Raise her up and help her move forward Lord. Make your presence known to her as you have done for me. And ask her if she has planned my trip to New Zealand yet. (:^))).

Lord, please place your hand on the staff and leadership of our church. Help them to find the direction in which we should go and so take us there.

Lord, please bless our efforts at work today. Please bring resolution to the current difficulties and help us move forward. Please help me to lead them and show them the way. Inspire me Lord. I need some inspiration.

Finally lord please bless and bring faith to all those that I have known and befriended in the past. I was not carrying or torch for you back then and I was probably not the best example for them. We did have fun Lord, but it was a bit self centered and hedonistic.

It's good to have you in my life. We can really talk because you already know me inside and out. I can't hide from you so why bother. Thanks for the opportunity to know you again. Thanks for the love. I love you too. I know I ask for way too much, but there are some things that only you can provide.

In Jesus Name I pray these things.


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