Friday, April 24, 2015

1000 Leaks

If a ship has 1000 leaks and the crew cannot not patch the leaks quickly enough or keep the incoming water baled, then they need to go to Plan B. The obligation to the passengers and to the crew members should be to save as many lives as possible. This should become the first priority. There are any number of reasons why the ship might be leaking. The boat might be old or poorly maintained or someone may have sabotaged it. Whatever the case, if hull integrity cannot be maintained, then the crew and passengers must abandon ship and save what is savable. It is not a time to become obsessed with the leak problem to the point that you go down with the sinking ship. Save yourself. Save others. Get in the life boats and move away before you die.

Makes sense does it not?

The American Christian Church is in such a boat. For centuries it has been in lockstep and love with the American Idea. Our culture was Christian. Even people that did not believe in our country would still hold fast to Christian morality and Christian principles.

This is no longer the case. Yet we remain in this boat trying to fix the leaks as it slowly sinks into the sea.

Brethren, the leaks are not our problem. We know why the ship is leaking, but many of the crew and passengers do not care and we cannot fix it alone. It is time to abandon the American ship and take as many with us as possible before she goes down. We have to untie our Christian faith from America and let it drift and sink. We can rescue the "floaters" as we find them and then go ashore a build a new ship.

Yes, this is what it's coming to. We need to separate ourselves from them and let them die or grab one of the life preservers that we throw out. America is dying. It has been a slow suicide attempt, but we are unable to stop its success. We have to cut our losses and move forward. The dream of a Christian America is dead. It failed and frankly, it is in good part our fault. We spent so much time fighting with each other and fighting with the world that no one outside our churches wanted to be part of the faith and they saw no need to bend the knee to a God they could not see. The faith should be attractive. It should be covered in God's grace and love and it should be presented that way. It should never be yielded as a weapon except in spiritual battle with the Adversary. God's love was missing from our approach. We will need to remember that when we get ashore and build the new boat.

We also need to prepare. Even if we separate from them, they will not be happy with that solution as we continue to take their people for the Lord. They will be coming for us. They will blame us for their sunken boat and persecution will begin.

We need to sharpen our survivalist skills. We need to form networks that work beyond the scope of the prying eyes of corrupt governments and the evil social organizations within the world. We probably just need to get off the grid. This will be hard. I love the Internet, but as governments assume more and more control over it, it becomes dangerous to be there. I love electricity and indoor plumbing. I have used an outhouse. It's pretty awful. I like a hot shower everyday.

Maybe I will be dead before the new boat is ready to go. Who knows.

Whatever the case, we need to rethink our plans. We should not go down with this ship. Yes, we have loved America. Many men and women of faith have given their lives for this nation. But it is no longer ours. It is time to move forward and beyond America and prepare the way for Christ. When He returns, the nations will no longer rage and His justice will prevail, but for now, we must prepare for that Day.

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