Wednesday, March 25, 2015

People Are Watching

Most of my life I have endeavored to keep my personal issues personal. Despite pressures of life, I have tried not to wear my troubles on my sleeve and burden others with my difficulties.

Recently however, I have had the need to talk about these things and I have used this blog for that purpose. To be sure, my blogging has not been limited to my personal issues, but by in large, what I am finding is that my blog posts with the personal stuff get the most hits.

Why do people like to hear about the suffering of others? Is it the same thing that makes people slow down at car accidents? Or is it that we do not like to see anyone escape this worldly existence unscathed? 

I think it's - plain and simple - exhibitionism. If you leave the windows of your life open, people will look. Some want to help. Others need a good laugh. And still others just want to feel relief that it is not them enduring those circumstances.

We humans are a fine bunch.