Sunday, March 22, 2015

My Talent

I really don't have one. Ya, I know. Some of you have heard me teach. I am moderately skilled at that. I am no Plato or Paul, but I do all right. I do not consider it a gift. It is something I have sharpened with practice and if I am not studied or prepared the result can be disastrous. I am not a natural teacher. It's just not who I am. People sometimes think that because you know stuff, you should be able to help someone or teach. Not true.

What is within my skill set is to deliver a lesson from scripture and be as prepared as possible to field questions that may come up. What I like to do is ask questions and guide people to the correct answers. My method is a modified Socratic method. It works for the group I teach at church. Another thing that makes me successful at teaching this class is that everyone in my class has known me for decades. If I did not have that advantage, I probably would have failed as a teacher some time ago. These people tolerate me because they know me and love me and I am very grateful for that advantage. They are also patient with me and more than willing to correct their teacher when they think he is wrong. Another reason why I love these people. They are gentle, but firm. Not easily mislead.

I was asked today if I would advise someone on a particular subject. That is not really something I do. I am not a tutor or mentor. My personality quirks alone would be enough to mess someone up unless they really understood me and knew I did not intend harm.

I thought about this for a while and actually considered doing it and then said no. I know who this person is. She has attended my class in the past with her father. I did not figure that out until just now, but I believe that's true. She will do just fine without me. She has a strong faith and a desire to make that faith work. She does not need the advice of this old codger whose real life experience is very limited.

So I think I will stick to my little group at 0800 and teach them until we are all dead and then move on to the next stage. My skill set is limited. The time I have left is limited. I have enough responsibilities to keep me busy until that time is up. My usefulness to the body ends there. I haven't got anything else to give that is worth anyone's time. But thanks for asking.