Thursday, March 26, 2015

Frustrating People

Ya, I know. It's funny. I have been a frustrating person (turns out I'm pretty good at it) and I have also had to deal with people that frustrate me to no end. So I have experience at both ends of that spectrum.

For myself, I think I am an acquired taste. Some try and try, but they just can't find a way to be able to warm up to me. It's mostly because I do not cooperate. I do not trust easily and if I sense any trace in you of the manipulator or user, you just ain't gettin in my head. Sorry. But I am also very set in everything I do and that gets on peoples nerves. I refer to it as my 'Aspergers like demeanor'. I have purpose and intention. I do not need your interference. Just stand back as the feces hit the oscillating wind device.

The people that frustrate me are the ones that always want to help me or involve me in their plans or find a place for me in their big picture. Problem is that I do not usually want to play. Please do not try to make me play. You want to be my friend? Then let me be. Do not frustrate me. I have work to do.

Ya, but what about growth and working together and being involved with each other?

What about it? Why do things always have to be a group activity? Are you so unsuccessful on your own that you need me? Come on. I'm sorry, but a bunch of people pooling their ignorance on a subject does not promote growth.

There is much to be said for the solitary life. Frustrating huh?   

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