Sunday, June 5, 2016

The Rising Sun Youth Choir In Yale, Iowa

I had what you could call an unusual experience today, at least for me. Instead of teaching a bunch of adults as is my normal Sunday gig,  I was invited to go on an adventure by my friend and sister in Christ, Karla Van. She is the director of the Rising Sun Youth Choir. They are currently performing their music at local area churches. This one was in the small town of Yale, Iowa. I have not been on a choir tour since I was in RSCC Teen choir back in the Day, c.1972-75, so this was all quite refreshing for me in my current dottage. But I digress.

It was a small, but mighty group.

Zach Stemsrud (future preacher I think)
Emily Hurley
Madison Rowland
Stephen Keys
Grace Rowland
Abby Hurley
Alaina Stemsrud
Lars Seiberling (future comedian)

Sponsors included Karla Van (director), Johnny Kurtz (pianist) and Nancy Curry (sound). Also assisting were Denise and David Keys.

I hope to go with them next week to Bayard, Iowa. I hope I get by with just watching again. Thanks Everyone. It was good therapy for a tired old man. I felt young again for a few seconds.

Pastor Gene Lockling is standing in the left of this pic. He is 85 years old. A determined servant of the Lord!

 A white peoni in the church garden. Beautiful.

Lunch was wonderful. We gathered in the church basement. There was fried chicken, egg rolls and crab rangoon among other things. It was a good time and good fellowship.

Lord, I'm looking forward to an interesting summer. I hope you have other plans besides these. this was certainly a good start. Thanks so much for these people. Please bless them and give them a safe, successful and uneventful trip again next Sunday to Bayard.

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