Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Dead Man Walking

That's what they call someone facing the death penalty in a prison - a dead man walking. And that's how I feel today. I'm still breathing, but I can see from here the time when I will not be.

Life is like walking down a very long hallway. On the way down the hall we enter the various doors to the right or left and spend time in those rooms with different people, but eventually we always end up back in the hallway, moving in one direction toward the exit. I can see the exit sign from here and those ahead of me making their departure. Some try very hard not to leave. Others fly through the door like it was not even there.

I will be taking that last option. It's not an exit. It's an entrance to something more glorious than I can even imagine. Victory is at hand just beyond that door. That sentiment grows stronger within me daily.

I am tired. I long for that final peace that passes all understanding. I want to look back on it all and say to myself, "why did I struggle so?" My hope and true home has always been on the other side of that door. I may well be a 'dead man walking'. I'm good with that.

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