Saturday, March 12, 2016

Powder Blue Circa 1979

This is the powder blue suit (with me in it) to which my mother said, "what were you thinking?" It's not a great photo, but is does give you a full view. The 70's were strange. You can't see them, but the shoes I have on are platforms. The heels were two inches high.

I thought I looked hot. Mom thought that all I needed was was a hat and I could pass for a pimp. The men of the family were strangely silent. It was like, "does this mean something?".

I never really understood the reaction to it. It did make me stick out among all the navy and brown suits at graduation, but that was sort of the idea. Looking back, maybe it was gay and a gay thing, but I did not see it that way. It's a damn sight better than a white tux with pink piped ruffles :^)

It was 1979. Who knew you could not get away with that? Apparently not me.

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