Thursday, February 4, 2016

Was Donald Trump's "Emergency Landing" A Final Warning to Exit the Race?

Y'all know how I love a good conspiracy. You also know that I believe at some point this spring, Donald Trump will pull out of the race for the Republican nomination. Now I have found someone that agrees with me.

Aaron Dykes over at Truthstream Media believes that the recent engine trouble on The Donald's 757 may have been a warning from TPTB to pull out of the race. I do not disagree. Aaron cites similar veiled threats to Ron Paul and Ross Perot who were also non-establishment candidates in their times.

Aaron's conclusion is that once Trump is out, Jeb Bush will rise to the occasion. As you are aware, I have chosen Marco Rubio for that role. Seriously though, they are both establishment golden boys and Rubio is firmly in the Bush pocket if Jeb does not pull through, so it's 6 of 1, half dozen of the other. Jeb, the joyful tortoise, could be it, but I still think not. We will see. Bernie or Hilly would get pounded by either one.

The more serious issue here is the alleged threat to Trump. If this is true, the Republic is long dead, voting means nothing, and the machinery is permanently broken. As you are also aware, I have thought this to be true for a very long time. I also think Iowa proved this. There was enough stink in both parties at the caucuses to cause scrutiny of the results and yet no one wants to lift that rock and shine the light of truth on what's beneath. It's an archaic method of choosing the parties delegates anyway, full of slipshod procedure that could be bent to the will of whoever is the real vote counter. The Iowa system is prone to abuse and the more people that show up, the more problems there seem to be. I never agree with the Des Moines Register, but today even they said something smelled. Their concern was on the Democrat side.

I will close with this. Donald, be careful. I will not be voting for you, but I do not want to be denied the potential choice. Bernie, watch yourself. There are many that would like to see you go away before November too. You know, both of you could throw everything open right now just by announcing 3rd party candidacies. A four way race in November would slap TPTB in the face and it might even force a run off in December. I love a mess that brings the power of government and money into question. This kind of chaos would just make my day. I say let them feel the fear. Speak truth to power boys. The people need a wake up call.    

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