Monday, February 22, 2016

Jeb Bush Is Out

Ya, you knew that right? Well do not assume that he will be disappearing anytime soon. You may not see him on the campaign trail, but there are still Bush family operatives in the campaign. Who am I talking about?

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich. Though they have played the part of Bush enemies on the campaign circuit, all of them have been in the thick of it with the Bush family. I know many that believe Ted is an outsider like the Donald, but this is not true. He is "establishment" at his core. He has worked in Bush administrations for years before he was a Texas senator. He's the kind of guy that can screw you with out you knowing it.  All you need to do is look at his credentials to see that he is an insider politically. His wife is even a big time banker. I think she is with Goldman Sachs. The worst part is that right now, he holds some major cards that could cause problems for Trump at the convention and he will soon have to make a decision. His delegates will be enough to put Trump over the top in delegate count. He needs to make a deal now if he really is the "outsider" that he would have us believe. Failure of Cruz to do so could result in a brokered convention that could give us Rubio or even a "draft Jeb" moment to keep the peace in the Grand Old Party.

Rubio has been firmly in the pocket of the Bush family for years. He is Jeb's Florida creation and this may be the hour of his establishment anointing. Together with Kasich, Cruz and Rubio could run enough interference to hand the nomination to Rubio or even a resurrected Bush.

Frankly, I am rooting for Donald Trump. I want anyone that is not one of the usual suspects. Hillary is an A-One nutjob and Jeb is from a crime family that makes the mafia seem like the Cleavers. I cannot stand to look at him. He is his mother in men's clothes. If you put a string of pearls on him and give him a permanent, it would be easy to mistake him for Babs.

America needs an enema. Donald Trump is the one to do it. I will complain about him when he is President. For now, "you Go Donald"!

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