Friday, February 26, 2016

Another Day, Another Opossum

The Daddy Possum was in the trap this morning. I reunited him with his wife down at Yellow Banks. He was docile by the time we got there and he seemed grateful for his release. He was almost petlike in his demeanor. As he exited the trap, he turned to look at me as if to say thanks and then he smiled his possum smile and trotted off into the woods.

I will reset the trap tonight. Transporting wildlife to a better place has become my new purpose. Possums do a great job of cleaning things up. They will eat most anything. Some think there are too many possums. This may be true. If so, competition will thin the herd. Whatever. It's fun and harmless.

I suppose I need a plan in case I get a skunk. This is a concern. If I smell funnier than usual the next time you see me, you will know what happened.

This had to be a hazard for the pioneers as they crossed the continent. I'm not sure what their solution was. I'm sure it gave the natives a good laugh.  I am told that hydrogen peroxide will remove the smell. I hope I never have to find out. I wonder what the pioneers used?

I can tell in my bones that spring is coming. There is stirring of desire within me. I thought I was passed this, but maybe not. You might send up a prayer for me. The armor has weakened in places, but I must stand. I am too close to my goal now to fail.

Maybe my new hobby of collecting wildlife will help with this. I'm hoping for a raccoon next or maybe some possum babies. Lord, please hold the skunks for more skilled hunters.

I'm just about ready to go to work. I've been sitting here at Caribou for awhile and one of the employees is on break. He is plugged into his phone listening to something. It's making him whistle...very funny. Gots to go...  

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