Sunday, January 24, 2016


I had an intuition about The Donald today. It may be completely off base, wrong, and everything else that goes with that, but here is is. I believe that sometime in the next two to three months Donald Trump will suspend his campaign and withdraw from the race. The reasons for this are unclear as yet. It may be health or family or even a scandal, but I think it is going to happen. There will be a reason that he will have to return to his semi private life as just another billionaire.

Given the current climate - his feud with Cruz, his hatred of Bush and his general disrespect for the others, I believe he will throw his convention delegates to what he considers to be the least distasteful remaining candidate. That man will be Marco Rubio. Despite Marco's waffling on the immigration issue, which is one of Trump's house causes, I believe he will choose Rubio as the only one with real possibility of beating Hillary in the general election. In this he may be right. Marco could conceivably bring in the Hispanic vote which is a very big deal, he would satisfy establishment types, his candidacy would "prove" that Republicans are not bigots and he would be a tasteful choice for swing voters and Reagan Democrats. He's da man!

My conspiratorial side also tells me that he is secretly in the pocket of the Bush's. This would make him near perfect for the establishment. He is the wild card that will be played to "trump" Hillary.

I will not make any wagers over this intuition. I will be happy to be wrong and I do not support Senator Rubio.. But if I'm read it hear first...OK?   Behold. The next President of the United States, Marco Rubio.

Also, in the interest of fairness....The Whore of Babylon

Do you think there was ever a time that Bill Clinton actually loved her? It would be like being married to a Klingon.

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