Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Day Before The Night Before Christmas and Bob Ross

That's what today is ya know. And now that we've discussed that, I want to do what I did not do yesterday; talk about yesterday morning's events.

'Events' might be too strong a word. Maybe they were coincidences or happy accidents as Bob Ross would say. Whatever they were, yesterday morning was good and that's no accident. If you do not know who Bob Ross is, all I can say is, Google him. He was a painter that gave art instruction on PBS back in the 70's and 80's. He always had an excellent attitude. You need to see one of his shows to appreciate him. The man was always happy.

Anyway, getting back to yesterday, I had coffee with another "Bob", one of the pastors at my church. This part was planned. I always like to talk to him. He is easy going, intelligent and down to earth even though his head seems to be in heaven all the time. Kind of like Bob Ross in some ways I guess.

While we were having coffee, things started happening that I do not think were accidents. There were two people that walked into the coffee shop that entered our conversation; one of which I had  befriended and another which "Bob" had befriended. We talked to both of them. One is a member of our church. The other is not. "Bob's" friend is  a local LEO and she had been to our church once. "Bob" is trying to get her to come back. I may try to help "Bob" with that. I just have to get up early enough to catch her at Caribou in the morning. I do not know for sure, but I believe she and I may well have something in common. We will see what happens. The Lord works in strange ways.

I have never been one to notice these happy accidents. I have always gone about my business, living in my head, not noticing what is going on around me. However, lately I find that somehow there are people being put in my way and I feel motivated to talk to and befriend them. This is not at all like me, but I think I am going to go with it and see what happens. The whole process seems to make me happy. Yes, odd, I know. Nevertheless, it is happening and it might all be much more than just a happy accident.

Any happy accidents in your life? Look for synchronicity. Google that one too. Very interesting topic.

Time to go to work. Hope you are done Christmas shopping. Love ya! Later.      

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