Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Dad's Having An Episode

Dad is really out it of it tonight. He thinks that the people on TV are in the house. He says he recognizes them. They are the "Cleanse Aid guys" from the dairy. He has been all over the upstairs and downstairs looking for them. He went outside with his flashlight and the dog to look for them. I let him go and advised him to report back. When he came back in, I asked him if he found anything. He said, "are you trying to  make a fool of me?". I said "no" and told him it was his disease. He has finally settled down and the dog is back in the house. If he goes to sleep, I think I will go to bed.

He also said several times tonight that he was going to go home. Each time I had to break the news that he was already home. He was definitely going somewhere. He took all the stuff off his coffee table and put it in a box. I think he may have been talking about going to Grandma and Grandpa's place. If he ever found his way there, it would be quite a surprise. It's gone.  It was just last week that he asked me if either of them were still alive. It's been 15 years since Grandpa died and 16 for Grandma. 

He did not go out into the garage or try to drive anywhere. And I do have an advantage in that he wears out easily. I think he finally went to sleep.

When he went out and got on the mower today, he did an excellent job mowing. You would not think that anyone that could mow like that was bat shit crazy, but he is. Alzheimer's is the weirdest disease. Tomorrow he will not remember any of this and he will wonder why all his stuff is in a box.

Lord, you need to take him home. He misses Mom so much. He goes to the graveyard every Sunday. He does not deserve this. He did the best he could with what you gave him for all of his life. Please at least calm his mind. I hope he does not sense what is happening to him. He needs your help Lord. There is only so much I can do for him. Please help. We both need you right now.  I love you. In Your Name, Amen.

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