Wednesday, October 28, 2015

A Prayer

Lord, I feel kind of like David this morning; you know, when he wrote the 23rd Psalm. I'm going to work, but I feel like I am going to a table prepared for me in the presence of my enemies, I am so tired of the struggle at work. There is one in my office that tests me at every point. Lord, please bring her some peace; or maybe, find her another job. Lord, I have a concern that there may even be a demon involved. Only you would know this for sure, but I pray that if this is so, you would remove it so that she can find her peace and thence leave us all in peace. Help her to adjust whatever needs adjustment and to whatever extent is necessary, I will try to meet her work needs in a way that will help to make that possible. I see in her a kind of pain that I once experienced. I pray that you find a way to take that from her Lord. Thank You for this. It has been foremost on my mind. Help me also to love in ways appropriate to her needs.

Lord, I would pray for my church, for the staff and the leadership. Please guide us in paths of righteousness. Teach us how to minister to and love even the most unlovable. Enable us to show them who you are by the way we live.

Please take care of Dad today. Watch over him as you always do, keeping him from injury and clearing his mind as much as possible. Thanks for that.

Lord, thanks for close friends both here and away. They have shown me Your Face in terms of Your mercy and Your grace. I would be in a very bad place without them Lord. I will continue to thank you daily for putting them in my life at just the right time. I praise Your Name for them!

Thanks Lord for bringing me out of the land of my sojourn and back home. Thanks for letting me back into Your Church and helping me to find real faith and salvation; to know you truly as My Lord and My God. Thank You for making strength out of my weaknesses and for changing my strengths to vulnerabilities. I continue to 'enjoy' that process.

Finally, thanks Lord for your love, grace, forgiveness and compassion. Please continue to lead me in the paths of Your Truth while teaching me to pass on Your grace to others.

In Jesus' Name


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