Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Blu Emu

Yes, this is a product endorsement and no, I am not looking for freebies, but I would let them advertise on the blog.

Blu Emu is a 'miracle working' substance. It is almost 14.00 USD for a jar of the stuff, but it is worth every penny and a jar will last a long time. I first experimented with it on my nearly 80 year old father. He was having some joint pain in his right knee. He rubbed it on. He liked it immediately and he does not like anything, including me, so that should tell you something.

Then, one morning last week I woke up with some lower back pain and neck pain. I also had a headache. The headache comes from the narrowing of the space between my neck vertebrae due to compression of the discs in between them. The wrong position of my head during sleep will cause a bone against bone type situation and the pain will go right up my neck and into the back of my head. My spine was probably out of alignment too, and this does not help matters.

Whatever the cause of my distress, I was in severe pain. I can usually depend on aspirin for relief, but it barely touched the situation, so I decided that I would try the Blu Emu.

It worked. I felt the relief coming almost immediately and it lasted all day. When my headache began to subside, I knew I had found a miracle balm.

I highly recommend this product. I have since heard it advertised and I will say all the claims are true - for me.  It is safe, effective, non-greasy and absorbed immediately through the skin, And yes, it does not make you stink. There is no camphor or menthol odor. There is barely any odor at all. It is the perfect salve.

I am not sure what makes it work. Blu Emu does contain emu oil, but I do not know if that is the ingredient that makes it work so well or if it is something else. The emu oil might merely be the delivery system that takes the active ingredients to the deep muscle tissue and joints. Whatever it is, I like it.

I am not sure how they extract emu oil from emus. This worried me a bit. Do they have to kill them first or can it be milked out of them? Who knows? Emus are a domesticated farm animal now much like the ostrich and their meat and feathers are sold for use as consumer products. I think there is a market for their eggs too. I have heard they are a nasty bird, but at least now they serve a purpose.

So try some Blu Emu after a hard day of burrowing or right after you get out of bed in the morning. You will not regret it. Us ground hogs love it! It's also available in a spray. Blu Emu! Try it.


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