Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Psalm of Thanksgiving

You have overshadowed  my life with your Spirit
You have insulated me from disaster
You have strengthened my spirit through trials
You have brought peace in the midst of my humiliation

I have felt your nearness though your home is beyond the stars
You walk with me though I do not see you
You help to bear a load that I could never have carried alone
Without you I am nothing and yet you love me just the same

You take up the prayers of those that love me
And answer them by protecting me
You have saved me from myself more times than I can count
My debt to you I cannot repay except in love and loyalty

You are my Lord and my God, my Savior and my friend
I thank you and praise Your Name for caring about me
I love you and fear you and I am fascinated by you
I would know your mind if I could do so and still live

Your peace is like no other
In the midst of turmoil and discontent you make me think
In the midst of fear and doubt you bring me calm
I know that I do not walk alone

There are times I swear I can hear your voice
You soothe me with words I cannot repeat
You send me dreams and fantastic thoughts
You put words in my mind so I can write them down

Your breath in my mind is subtle and sweet
It brings tears of joy and release and salvation
To know that I am yours
To know there is nothing and no one that can change that
This is why I never want to be free of you

Long ago you demolished my soul
You rebuilt me from the rubble
I am stronger now, though weaker of will
And my weakness brings your grace and your power
My strength you use to the benefit of others

As it should be
I am your child
I love you Lord
I will see you when I get home

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