Wednesday, August 12, 2015

When The World Was Young....

It was back in the early 70's, circa 1973. The youth group at church had gone to Lake Aquabi for the annual youth retreat in August as was becoming the tradition. As state parks go, Aquabi is well maintained and beautiful and has been so since I can remember. The bass fishing is good, but there is never anything larger that 20 inches or about three pounds. That's OK. It's always fun. They have those red eared sunfish that are both beautiful and delicious. There is also a swimming area and camp grounds. It is a wonderful place, even at night.

It was on an August night that we were encamped. It was too hot to stay in a camper or tent so some of us slept on the ground outside, laying on sleeping bags and staring up at the stars. There was me and my cousin, and Bob N. As we talked and ogled the stars in the night sky, we were awed by the number of "shooting stars". It was amazing. They would light up the sky as they entered the atmosphere. Some would give off colors like bright greens and blinding whites and a few of them seemed to make a whooshing noise as they burnt out. We felt incredibly blessed to be able to witness the event and the watching stirred thoughts about the power behind the universe and we knew there was a God.

At that time, our entire lives laid before us. We had not yet entered the real world. We had not experienced life as we would later. We talked about things. Personal things. It was a rare conversation for three people so young to have. It was open and honest and we became transparent to each other. I knew then that life in my real world was not going to be easy. My cousin had his own adventure ahead and it would collide with mine from time to time, but I would not have traded my life for his as his road was rough too. I can only speculate about Bob's adult place in the universe, but I would bet real money that he has lost much because people would not accept what he had no choice but to be. I wish him the best if he still lives. It might be interesting to talk to him. We were similarly conflicted.

It's odd how events in the macrocosm of the night sky can stir thoughts in the microcosm of the human soul. I have to wonder about Abraham all those millennia ago staring up at his sky only to discover that there is but one God and then to follow Him in faith. Abraham viewed the same stars I did in 1973. He may have seen the same annual meteor shower (Perseids) I saw in 1973. And likewise, he was moved seek the Power behind it.

We seek and find God in strange places. We see His story in the night sky, in the lives of our friends and in the words that come from the inspired hearts of musicians. He is a powerful force that cannot be ignored if you are really...really....paying attention.

Go out tonight and have a look. He may have a meteor with your name on it. He is showing himself to you in so many ways. Just relax. Clear your mind. Discover what everlasting really means. He is there.

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