Monday, July 20, 2015

Make That Twice

Looks like there was another hack attempt from this IP - - . It's even weirder.

IP Address Location

The IP address is located here.
Country: Nigeria (NG)
City: Lagos
Latitude: 6.45306
Longitude: 3.39583 
Odd don't you think? Glad Google was on top of it though. I mostly believe that Google is the antichrist, but they did a fine job today.
I will probably find out tomorrow that it was not Google at all and by changing my email password, I gave everyone in the world access to my electronic guts.
Gee...I hope they don't blackmail me. I don't have any money. Come to think of it, all my blackmail-able behavior occurred before 1979 anyway. We didn't have computers then. I did have a pocket calculator though. Even so, they won't get much.   

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