Friday, July 10, 2015

A Local Sky Deity

Yahweh, the God of the Hebrews and the Christians, has been described as a local sky deity invented by Abraham, built into a religion by Moses and transformed by Jesus Christ into Christianity.

Yahweh is anything but a local sky deity. Someone yesterday suggested that beings from other places in the galaxy and even the universe might have a different perspective on who God is or even if there is a God. My thought is that Yahweh is the creator of the entire universe. He is the God of everything. If sentient life exists elsewhere, then He created it and He would have found a way into their culture and life.

It's true that our Bible is earth centric, but that's because we are earth centric. It's words were intended for us. The day may come when we take the Bible to other worlds, but that time is not now. I am sure that the Lord God will have provided His other peoples elsewhere (if they exist) with their own book that is localized to their needs. The Lord loves variety. Who knows what He did or what He had to do on these other worlds. Was a plan of salvation necessary? Who knows any of these things? I do not.

God does as He pleases. The universe is His.

On another subject, it was asked yesterday if the existence of God is the only thing science can't prove. My thought was that it's God's non-existence that science can't prove.

There are many things that science cannot prove through the scientific method. The scientific method is the much abused process through which scientists, in their various fields of endeavor, attempt to prove or advance our understanding of the processes of the universe, life and our physical existence. I say it's abused because private organizations and governments use it to prove the creation and necessity of their agendas. Never mind the facts. Find a way to show scientifically that this or that needs to be done. Call it advocacy science if you like. Global climate change is one such pseudo scientific cause. Commercial entities need it to sell products and governments need it to tax us for prevention. It's all based on lies and computer models created from falsified data, but never mind the truth. We need the tax money and we need to be able to force you to buy our products. We want your money and we do not have the balls just to steal it.

There are other examples of the abuse of the scientific method, but whenever you see a hypothesis backed by "scientific testing" designed to prove the hypothesis, then you know the game is fixed.

Beyond that, even though history is replete with scientists that also believed in and worshiped God, modern science wants nothing to do with Him. Things that are spiritual cannot be measured or quantified or studied under a microscope or through a telescope and so, they must not exist.

When modern science, as a community, final realizes that there are things that cannot be studied with the present scientific method, then they will be on the right track. If they are honest, the intelligent design of the universe should reveal the designer to them. But they are blind to it...for now. Someday they will know.

Governments of the world, and especially our own, have come close to discovery of the spiritual world. The intelligence agencies of the US have looked into paranormal human capabilities as a means spying on other countries from afar. If you saw the film, "Men Who Stare At Goats", this is a humorous look at such studies. Remote viewing, ESP and astral travel are all, to my mind, spiritual in nature. I believe such things are real and that many humans can do these things. They are, most likely, God given gifts that get abused by the lower spiritual powers, but they are God given.

The government's interest was to use such paranormal capabilities to their advantage for national security. It was not their thought to discover an entire spiritual world let alone seek out God, but it is a step in the right direction if you are looking. In the Bible such practices are referred to as sorcery and are sinful. We are to leave the future in the hands of God because such gifts, if they exist, are clouded now by the "bentness" of all creation.

The point I am trying to make here is that there is a spiritual world. There is a God. If Modern Science, as a community would simply pull their heads out of their collective asses and re-evaluate their methods, they might be able to find God and what is spiritual in their investigations. They miss so much of what is reality when they deny the existence of the spiritual.

Come on guys. Get your act together.          

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