Sunday, June 28, 2015

Justin Lee Speaking at New Heart Community Church

This is Justin Lee. He is the director of the Gay Christian Network (GCN). He is the most reasonable voice in the current Gay Christian (not an oxymoron) debate. Justin would not even use the word "debate" at this point in his life. I appreciate his testimony. My disagreement with him comes on the finer points of the issue.

In his discourses, he maintains that there are two major sides on this issue which the Church faces. There are those like Justin himself that believe it is both moral and scriptural for same sex people to marry, as long as they maintain a life long committed, monogamous relationship. And there are others that think that if you wish to remain within the will of Christ, same sex attracted people must remain celibate. He refers to these POV's as Side A and Side B.

I would find myself on Side B. I would also say that there are probably more than two options here, but he only explores these two.

Whatever else you might think of him, Justin's testimony is amazing. He may well be doing God's work in bringing some sense of peace on this issue to the groups he addresses. 

This is a long video. It's over a year old and some things have changed. Even so, I would urge you to block out some time to watch it. I would like to know what you think about what he says. If you don't want to share on line, drop me an email at .

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