Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What Do Atrazine, Soy Beans, BPA, Pthalates, Beer and Birth Control Pills All Have in Common???

Do you know the answer? They are all endocrine disruptors. All of these items can interfere in some way with the natural flow of hormones in a human body that are produced by the glands in the endocrine system.

The endocrine system of the human body consists of a number of different glands situated in different places in your body that produce different kinds of hormones. All of these hormone's are released into the body at different times of life directing and prompting the other systems of the body to do things or perform specific functions. The major glands of the endocrine system are these

1 Pineal gland 2 Pituitary gland 3 Thyroid gland 4 Thymus 5 Adrenal gland 6 Pancreas 7 Ovary (female)
8 Testis (male)

 Illu endocrine system.png

Please note the androgynous nature of the illustration above because that is what I want to talk about. The endocrine disruptors that I mentioned earlier, in addition to many other I have not mentioned are proving to be responsible for the feminization of men worldwide and also the masculinization of women. When these products or derivatives of these products are used or consumed by women of child bearing age, the effect on any children born to them can be devastating.

It is being theorized that when endocrine disruptors are allowed to enter the systems of unborn fetuses via the mother's womb, they can have a feminizing effect on unborn baby boys and a masculinizing effect on unborn baby girls. The result is short penises with poorly formed urethras, small testes and low sperm count in boys and early onset of menses and breast development in girls.

But wait. That's not all....do I sound like Ron Popeel?

There is a possibility that these endocrine disruptors with their feminizing and masculinizing effects are actually creating more gay, lesbian and transgendered people because of their effect in the womb on the unborn. It is a logical assumption and one that cannot be ignored. It also leads one to consider that this may be more than just a coincidence. It could have been the plan on along. The powers that be have been more than concerned for a number of years about population growth throughout the world. We are coming up on 7 billion people on the planet. And even though, by the UN's own projections, world population is supposed to level off by 2050, it has always been desired by the One Worlders not to have more than 2 billion people on the planet. One way to do that is to load consumer products with hormone disruptors that will derail normal human development and normal family development worldwide.

There is a great interview on Radio3Fourteen with Dr Curtis Duncan about all of this.

Consider Atrazine. It is the second most popular pesticide in the world. It is effective and it has been found in 84% of the world's water supply. It has also been shown to alter the sex of both fish and frogs, making them androgynous or even same sex attracted and virtually sterile. This is actually happening now in the fresh waterways of North America. If it's happening to fish and frogs, can it be happening to us? Why not?

Consider Bisphenol A (BPA). It is used to line plastic bottles and cans that are used in food production. According to endalldisease.com,

"This class of chemical known as a Xenoestrogen is feminizing the world’s population by mimmicing estrogen in the human body. The chemical companies produce around 700 billion pounds of this poison each year and it leeches from cans, bottles and packaging into the food and water supplies.
Statistics taken from urine samples indicate over 93% of American’s currently have BPA in their bodies.  Dr. Hugh S. Taylor, M.D. of Yale University revealed at a press briefing that male mice exposed to BPA showed reduced sperm production and increased prostate size."

Infertility and prostate enlargement. You expect that at 60, but it's showing up more now in 30 something men. Not good.

What about pthalates? From the same article:
"While BPA mimics estrogen, phthalates block testosterone action. So not only do we have abundant chemicals in our food supply that act in the same manner as estrogen, but now we have a chemical that inhibits the bodys use of what little testosterone we have left.
Studies in male animals exposed to pthalates have found reduced sperm production, undescended testes, hypospadias, and decreased testosterone production.
Sources of Pthalates to avoid:
Shampoos, Colognes/Perfume, Deodorant, Hair Spray, Body Lotion, Makeup, Glade Plug-ins and other Air Fresheners."

Beer...well guys...it's loaded with estrogen. It comes from the hops. It will give you manboobs. Seriously. And then there's soy bean products; also loaded with testosterone stopping estrogen.

And ladies...I cannot find the study right now, but there is one that shows females on birth control pills tend to gravitate toward more feminine men. And while that's great for all the gamma type guys out there, it spells disaster for well adjusted families.

So while Al Gore is out there yelling about climate change and Rush Limbaugh types are screaming about gay marriage, the real problem might just be what we are consuming.

I would urge you to check it out. It does not take much of a search to uncover and research this issue on the internet. It is a serious problem that is more threatening to the human race than any other. The PTB are messing with the very essence of what it means to be human men and women. I am not sure how to stop it or if it can be stopped, but it is a problem that will not be going away any time soon. Turns out that Bruce Jenner may be a product of his/her environment. Who would have thunk it? Which reminds me - I best be getting a PSA soon. My prostate is not getting any smaller (:^)))

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